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Supervision of doctoral theses.

How to prevent and cope with problems and incidents?

The process of doing a doctoral thesis requires the student a continuous effort that is often full of difficulties, as evidenced by the high drop-out rate. The role of supervision from both the tutor and the supervisor is essential to ensure that the doctoral student succeeds. In spite of this, there is no specific training on how to respond and face the difficulties that usually occur in this process.



  • To understand the different factors that hinder the process of a doctoral thesis.

  • To understand the main competencies that the novice researcher must develop and the most usual incidents related to each of these competencies.

  • To gain awareness of the different profiles that the supervisor can adopt and their effects.

  • To acquire and practice coping strategies to face the most frequent difficulties and incidences that occur in the supervision of doctoral theses.

  • Competencies to be developed by novice researchers and difficulties involved in their acquisition in the context of doctoral studies.

  • Key variables in the supervision of doctoral theses.

  • Doctoral supervisors' competences and most frequent profiles.

  • The main problems and incidents in the supervision of theses.

  • Strategies to cope with difficulties and conflicts in the supervision of theses.

  • The evaluation of the supervision.


  • Planning supervision based on the characteristics of the student, their academic profile, their expectations as a researcher and professional and the objectives of the research team.

  • Writing a supervisor-supervised contract that specifies the conditions, requirements and commitments of the relationship.

  • Knowing our own style as supervisors and having personal and technical resources to face conflicts during the supervision relationship.


During the session, the dialogued content exposition will be combined with the analysis of real cases and the dramatizations carried out by the attendees based on their own experiences (participants will be asked to answer an anonymous questionnaire prior to the course).

  • Observations: Since it is a workshop, of a practical and personalized nature, the maximum number of attendees should not exceed 15 participants.

  • Duration: to be agreed (two sessions of 4 hours are recommended).

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