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Supervision of doctoral theses.

How to prevent and cope with problems and incidents?

Initial picture

Synthesis of data from the initial questionnaire of the training course   The supervision of the doctoral thesis taught in Catalan universities since 2017.

* Last update January 21, 2018 (n = 16).


How long have you been supervising doctoral theses?

What are you currently supervising, how many are in co-supervising format?

How many theses do you supervise at the moment?

What is the format of most of the theses you are supervising?

How often do meetings with your PhD students?

Usually, your supervision meetings are...


A short questionnaire for supervisors to reflect on their experience with (co-)supervision, barriers and facilitators, and personal goals.

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Download the AQU 2017 report about the labour insertion of Catalan doctors and doctors.

  • 34% of doctors work in the university, 46% in the company and 20% in research institutes.

  • Doing the thesis in the framework of a research group significantly increases the achievement of competencies.

  • The lesser achieved competences are recruitment and management of funds for research, languages, networking and teamwork, and teaching competence.

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