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Writing academic texts: organization and structure, authorial voice and intertextuality

Authors: Montserrat Castelló; Gerardo Bañales; Anna Iñesta & Norma Vega. Graduate School of Psychology. Blanquerna. Ramon Llull University (Barcelona).

This document refers to those aspects and resources that we need to know and be able to use when writing an academic text. Its contents are organized in three sections: the first one refers to the organization of information, that is, to those issues that relate to the structure of the text, the sections that the paper should have, the information to be included in each section and how each of these sections must be written. The second section examines when and how the author should make him/herself visible, which resources are used to make his/her own position clear and also prevent the text from sounding little academic or impersonal. Finally, the third section refers to some resources used to engage the readers and to make proper use of citations.


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