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Badia, A., Liesa, E., & Monereo, C. (submitted). Early researchers’ identity positions based on

This study approaches early researchers’ identity positions from a self-dialogical perspective and their experiences when they encountered significantly events in research over their initial trajectory. Adopting phenomenographic and narrative perspectives, the purpose of this paper is to identify and describe the researchers’ identity positions that can be inferred from the significant experiences that five social science researchers have experienced over the beginning periods of their careers. The data collection was carried out using a combination of instruments, including a Journey Plot, three in-depth, semi-structured interviews, and Elicitation cards. Results showed that seven researchers’ identity positions were adopted: managerial, tutored student, academic writer, subject content learner, research designer, academic speaker, and research community member. The data also showed that the first three were the most frequent and that there are frequent appearance differences in tutored student, academic writer, research designer, and academic community member positions when considering research and teaching careers.


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