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This is the website for a research project on researcher identity and workplace injustice, a project co-ordinated by Professor Lynn McAlpine (Oxford University), Professor Nicola Ingram (Manchester Metropolitan University), and Kelsey Inouye (Oxford University). The research is part of a wider project focussed on Researcher Identity Development – Strengthening Science in Societies Strategy (RID-SSSS). We give academic professionals the tools to speak out about workplace injustice.

About this site

This website contains information about the Workplace Injustice strand of the project, including an elaboration on issues of workplace injustice in different countries. Drawing on existing research, we ask: what is workplace injustice and how do patterns compare internationally? The website also hosts a survey on workplace injustice to be taken by researchers working in academia and beyond. The aim of this survey is to collect quantitative and qualitative data on issues of Workplace Injustice to develop further knowledge about this important topic. The results of the survey and some of the stories of injustice are provided. It is our hope that those experiencing injustice can connect with the stories of others and consider ways of navigating their own circumstances.

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Do You Want to Participate?

Visibility is key to addressing injustice wherever it may be. If you have experienced injustice in the workplace and would like to share your story, please consider participating in our survey.

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Project Goals

The RID-SSISS project aims not only at helping Early Career Researchers (ECRs), that is doctoral students and postdocs, to develop as researchers. It also seeks to provide them with the educational resources for acquiring the high-level competences and skills they need to act as researchers in a complex, highly competitive and interdisciplinary context. Such context calls for a new conceptualization of research and a new researcher profile. The RID-SSISS aims to contribute in this direction through the design, implementation and dissemination of training and resources. Moreover, the project has the added value of promoting participatory research and innovative proposals that foster transdisciplinary research among doctoral students and early career researchers.

Our Team


Nicola Ingram

Nicola Ingram is Professor of Sociology of Education at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research is focused broadly on social class inequalities in education and she is particularly interested in how aspects of identity, such as gender and ethnicity, interweave with the classed dimension. Her recent books include Working-Class Boys and Educational Success: Teenage Identities, Masculinities and Urban Schooling (Palgrave MacMillan 2018); Educational Choices, Aspirations and Transitions in Europe (Routledge 2018); Higher Education, Social Class and Social Mobility: the Degree Generation (Palgrave MacMillan 2016).


Lynn McAlpine


Lynn McAlpine is Professor Emerita at both the University of Oxford, UK and McGill University, Canada. Her research examines the experiences and career trajectories of early career researchers.


Kelsey Inouye


Kelsey Inouye is a third-year doctoral student at the University of Oxford, Department of Education. Her work focuses on the intersection of doctoral writing, feedback, and the evolution of research thinking over time.

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