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We have created a survey and invite you to complete it. Near the end you will be asked to recall and tell us about two experiences of workplace injustice, one where you felt relatively satisfied with the outcome and the other not.


Here is an example from our survey of a European respondent who still 6 years after the experience felt an emotional response:

A former boss of mine blocked me from being seconded into a specialist engineering team because it would be 'unfair' on the others I worked with who did not get offered the opportunity. Owing to the pressure we were under at the time, and the importance of the position I had been offered, I was very annoyed. I am unsure, I must be clear here, whether it was motivated by his dislike for me – but I could never shake the feeling it was somehow related to my identity, rather than the reason he gave (which in any case I felt to be nonsensical). At the time, I spoke with the managers of the team who had asked for me to join them, and suggested they make the request to a manager rather than my boss. I was eventually seconded into a different team, in a different worksite. I was quite glad to be away from working with the person involved.


Early career researchers who have experienced any form of workplace injustice.


10-15 minutes

Online survey

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