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Early Career Researcher Identity Development

Research within and beyond academia

Our mission & vision

Our research lab gathers researchers from Catalonia, United Kingdom, Finland working collaboratively to explore, understand and improve Early Career Researchers (ECRs) trajectories both within and outside the academia. We aim at providing evidence to improving doctoral education and generating new knowledge on the main determinants of PhD career trajectories. Our ultimate purpose is to co-create consortiums of policy makers, employers, researchers and professionals to develop projects fostering responsible research and innovation and research informed policies.

We are aware that knowledge on ECRs' successful trajectories and their determinants, particularly outside academia, is still insufficient in Europe. Improving the understanding about societal, cultural and contextual conditions for enhancing researcher careers might help us to systematically nurture ECRs' career competencies, trajectories, and employment and thus maximize European ECRs opportunities to deal with the current societal challenges. 
Our projects focus on researcher identity and career development including both employees and employers perspectives with a cross country and European multicultural approach.

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