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Navigating Professional Careers

Several of the research participants took up professional careers in the public, para-public and private sectors after graduating. As you can see in the timelines, some intended this path throughout their degrees, whilst others only made the decision near the end or after graduating. Most participants in professional careers made a complete break from both research and academia, but two – Regina and Hannah – continued to have research responsibilities, and another two – Bridget and Mike – held non-academic positions in the academy. 


This section is designed to provide resources to support your professional career with regard to the following general aspects


  • Doing your job: Responsibilities vary but people are judged on their success in carrying them out. This section includes accounts of the various responsibilities that participants held in a range of professional roles. 

  • Managing institutionally: Institutions vary in purpose, size and structure, which leads to diverse cultures, policies and practices. Understanding how institutions can be organized and function may help you to access resources and have clarity about the expectations of role. 

  • Networking: Internal and external networking is essential for extending your capabilities, navigating the organization and securing future job opportunities. 

  • Building your career: Regardless of the type of institution or employment sector, achieving short and long-term career goals is supported by awareness of the steps necessary to progress within the profession.




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