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ERASMUS + Researcher Identity Development


Navigating Professional Careers

Doing your job

Internationally, about half of PhD graduates do not take up traditional teaching-research positions – the majority take up work in the public sector. And this pattern was the case for the 48 scientists and social scientists we followed in our study. As you may have noticed in reading the timelines, a number took up professional work in the public, para-public or private sectors, and several in professional positions in the academy.  


In this section, we try to give you a sense of what their roles encompass. What you will notice if you read through their descriptions of their responsibilities are expectations related to: managing projects, working in teams, and writing of different kinds, e.g., seeking funds, reporting on projects and budgets. Rarely did they report personnel or staff management. Nearly all reported engaging in different types of professional development activities, such as reading, attending talks or conferences. 

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