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Getting a PhD

Understanding academic institutions

Higher education systems differ between countries, and even within each country academic institutions vary in structure and governance as well as mission. Understanding these differences can help you to choose the location for your PhD study as well as to decide appropriate options for a future academic career (if that is your preference). The links below provide an overview of some of the different university systems and the options available.

Information about universities in different countries 

Choosing your PhD institution 

A number of the PhD researchers in our study had enrolled in their programs without considering the suitability of the institution and its resources for their own needs. Consider these questions, to help you decide where to study for your PhD.

Understanding your institution

Even after the PhD was underway, many research participants remained unaware of the institutional resources available (e.g., funding for conference presentations, free research-related software and career development workshops). Use these questions to assess your knowledge and then take advantage of the resources you discover.

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