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This project overviews the personal and career trajectories of Early Career Researchers whose lives we followed for 4-7 years. 

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Getting a PhD

This section focuses on the different tasks that are important in undertaking and completing a doctorate. Drawing on the challenges doctoral students reported, it offers strategies and resources to help you navigate this period of your career

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Professional Careers

About half of PhD graduates end up in professional careers of different kinds. This section gives you a sense of the diverse kinds of careers and actual work that are possible post-PhD, including careers in academia that are professional. As in the other sections, we suggest resources we hope you will find useful.

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Academic careers

Here we explore the experiences of those who held teaching-only, research-only and teaching-research positions. We draw on what individuals in these careers experienced as work issues in order to suggest strategies to negotiate these challenges.

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Having a life 


family and friends, life events and work-life balance

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PhD Career Paths

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