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Researcher Identity Development


Improving the careers and well-being of researchers


Guide for Researcher Development

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The Guide for the Researcher Development - GRED – has been designed and assessed with resources and aids for different trajectories that ECRs go through (see here).


The GRED consists of a 100-page booklet introducing good practices on doctoral education and career development, early career trajectories, and innovation courses. 

You can download the guide here.

GRED has four sections offering resources for different groups: 

  1. Resources for early career researchers: Journey plot; network plot; interview protocol cycle. 

  2. Resources addressed to research supervisors: a guide for the analysis of CI, supervisors’ questionnaire; a guide to reflect on supervisors’ practice and experiences. 

  3. Resources addressed to policymakers: templates to plan and develop proposals, didactic sequences or workshops for ECRs. 

  4. Transversal resources addressed to multiple agents involved in ECRs education; writing; Critical incidents; towards a research-based policy agenda in ECRs education.


Researcher Identity Development (2020).

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Improving the careers and well-being of researchers

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