Despite the increasing popularity of doctoral education, many students do not complete their studies, and very little information is available about them. Understanding why some students consider that they do not want to, or cannot, continue with their studies is essential to reduce dropout rates and to improve the overall quality of doctoral programmes. This study focuses on the motives students...

This study approaches early researchers’ identity positions from a self-dialogical perspective and their experiences when they encountered significantly events in research over their initial trajectory. Adopting phenomenographic and narrative perspectives, the purpose of this paper is to identify and describe the researchers’ identity positions that can be inferred from the significant experiences...

Doctoral trajectory is an emotionally and intellectually intensive process during which doctoral students face with a wide range of experiences. The aim of this study was to explore what were the most significant positive and negative events that doctoral students experience at different moments of their doctoral trajectory, and how these events were related to different variables such as age, gen...

La formación doctoral de los futuros investigadores está cambiando en los últimos años. Actualmente, el número de estudiantes de doctorado ha aumentado y también lo han hecho las exigencias para su graduación; por ello, estos estudiantes necesitan desarrollar competencias que les permitan participar activamente en el ámbito científico-académico. Nuestro estudio analizó los eventos más significativ...

There is virtually no knowledge regarding what research means for researchers in training in the Spanish context. This study has a twofold goal: to analyze the conceptions of PhD students in the Social Sciences regarding research, and the relations of those conceptions with several relevant variables in the process of researcher training. 1082 students from 56 Spanish universities participated in...

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February 26, 2019

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